Close More Deals

Lead management simplified.

Streamline your pipeline

Direct integration means you can manage all your leads in one place. Get notifications on new leads and messages, and respond in under a minute!

Close the loop

Notifi takes a three pronged approach by allowing swift and seamless communitaction through calls, texts, and emails. Ask us about WORKFLOWS!

Take off with your business

With higher contact rates, and manageable lead handling, you'll be closing deals left and right. Ask us about our customer success stories!

Because it's 2020

With the Notifi mobile app and web app you can manage your leads anywhere anytime, or let workflows do the heavy lifting. Work smarter not harder

Managing the unmanagable

Lead management has never been easier. With Notifi on your team, keep track of your communications in one place. Your calls, texts and emails all logged for you. No need to dig through your sent folder, old text history or call logs.

  • Realtime & seamless integration
  • Powered by automation
  • Gives you more free time

Capture web traffic

With the Notifi website widget you can engage with your website customers in realtime. Web forms are old news, utilize the widget for direct text messaging between you and your leads.

Stay in the loop

We're mobile, so you never miss a lead. Push notifications keep you informed of incoming leads and messages. Reach out or set up workflows to do that for you

Notifi's 100+ Integrations

Whether you get your leads from Facebook, Google or Wufoo forms, we've got yout covered. Notifi integrates with hundreds of lead sources. Finally there's one place you can send all your leads!

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what some of our customers say.

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